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Topics covered under Integral Calculus
Integral as an anti - derivative. Fundamental integrals involving algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. Integration by substitution, by parts and by partial fractions. Integration using trigonometric identities. Evaluation of simple integrals Integral as limit of a sum. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Properties of definite integrals. Evaluation of definite integrals, determining areas of the regions bounded by simple curves in standard form.
Introduction to Indefinite Integrals
Properties of Indefinite Integrals
Integration using Partial Fractions
Special Integrals (Trigonometric Functions)
Special Integrals (Exponential Functions)
Special Integrals (Algebraic Functions)
Special Integrals (Irrational Functions)
Integrals of Special Functions
Properties of Definite Integral
Definite Integrals of Special Functions
Integration using Leibnitz Rule
Using Inequalities to Solve Definite Integral
Definite Integral as a Limit of Sum
Application of Definite integrals
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Integral Calculus
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