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Group 13 to Group 18 Elements General Introduction: Electronic configuration and general trends in physical and chemical properties of elements across the periods and down the groups; unique behaviour of the first element in each group. Groupwise study of the p – block elements Group - 13 Preparation, properties and uses of boron and aluminium; Structure, properties and uses of borax, boric acid, diborane, boron trifluoride, aluminium chloride and alums. Group - 14 Tendency for catenation; Structure, properties and uses of allotropes and oxides of carbon, silicon tetrachloride, silicates, zeolites and silicones. Group - 15 Properties and uses of nitrogen and phosphorus; Allotrophic forms of phosphorus; Preparation, properties, structure and uses of ammonia, nitric acid, phosphine and phosphorus halides, (PCl3, PCl5); Structures of oxides and oxoacids of nitrogen and phosphorus. Group - 16 Preparation, properties, structures and uses of dioxygen and ozone; Allotropic forms of sulphur; Preparation, properties, structures and uses of sulphur dioxide, sulphuric acid (including its industrial preparation); Structures of oxoacids of sulphur. Group - 17 Preparation, properties and uses of chlorine and hydrochloric acid; Trends in the acidic nature of hydrogen halides; Structures of Interhalogen compounds and oxides and oxoacids of halogens. Group - 18 Occurrence and uses of noble gases; Structures of fluorides and oxides of xenon.
General Characteristics of p-Block Elements
Group 13 Elements: Boron Family
Group 14 Elements: Carbon Family
Introduction to Nitrogen Family - Group 15 Elements
Hydrides, Oxides and Halides of Nitrogen Family
Nitric Acid and Oxides of Nitrogen
Halides, Oxides and Oxoacids of Phosphorus
Introduction to Oxygen Family - Group 16 Elements
Hydrides, Oxides, Halides of Oxygen Family
Sulphur, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphuric Acid
Introduction to Halogen Family - Group 17 Elements
Inter-Halogen Compounds and Polyhalide Ions
Introduction to Inert Gases - Group 18 Elements
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