Syllabus and Practice Questions from Chemistry for Engineering Entrance Exams

Chemistry is one of the main subjects under Engineering Entrance Exams. On this page, you’ll find the detailed list of topics covered under Chemistry. Each topic leads to a page containing practice questions with detailed solutions from that topic.
Chemistry Syllabus
Principles of Isolation of Elements
Atomic Structure
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Chemical Kinetics
s block Elements
Coordination Compounds
Environmental Chemistry
General Organic Chemistry
Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Purification of Organic Compounds
Basic Concepts in Chemistry
Chemical Thermodynamics
Surface Chemistry
p block Elements
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
States of Matter
Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Periodic Table and Classification of Elements
d and f Block Elements
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Chemistry Books on #L