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Yes, NCERT is enough for JEE Mains chemistry

Being a chemistry faculty for almost 19 years, our tutor Laxma tells you why NCERT is enough for you to score well in chemistry in JEE Mains.

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Inorganic Chemistry:
If you read and note the points in NCERT books, you can easily cover all inorganic questions. Recently a question was asked about the purest form of nitrogen preparation. There is a line mentioning this in NCERT. So, you can easily cover all inorganic questions by just covering NCERT thoroughly. Co-ordination chemistry, chemical bonding, periodic classification plays a critical role here. You must be very good at important inorganic compounds like acids and oxides of sulphur, phosphorous and nitogen.

Organic Chemistry:
If you are perfect in all reactions given in NCERT, it will suffice. But most questions will be related to orders, acidic strength, basic strength and reaction mechanisms. For all of these, you need some additional exercise for which NCERT may not be sufficient (You can try the JEE Chemistry books listed here instead). All naming reactions are very important and particularly the mechanism part of reactions like Cannizzaro reaction and aldol condensation. Different products formed in various reactions like ozonolysis, oxidative cleavage are again very important.

Physical Chemistry:
NCERT books will only cover concepts in physical chemistry. Lots of practise is required for numericals in mole concepts, states of matter, equilibrium, electro chemistry, kinetics, solutions and solid state. But the questions in the NCERT books will be of a basic level only. If you are good at basic level questions, it is enough but you need regular practice.

Some topics are present in chemistry like polymers, chemistry in every day life, biomolecules, environmental chemistry and metallurgy for which NCERT alone is enough.

Reading of NCERT is a must and little more practice in physical and organic will give you the best chance to score well in chemistry in JEE Mains.

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(You can chat directly with tutors like Laxma on HashLearn. Download the HashLearn app here.)

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