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This IITian With 2 JEE Attempts Shares How You Can Prepare Better

Who better to ask for JEE preparation help than an IITian who cleared JEE twice?

Here is what Nishank, JEE 2009 (AIR ~8K) & 2010 (AIR ~2K) aspirant, shares about his experience, and how you can improve your preparation, no matter which class you belong to.

1. It’s important to balance between your school & entrance exams.

I didn’t have time to prepare for my entrance exams because my school had a mandatory attendance system.

Many schools do not understand the stress involved in the student’s life – studying & preparing for school exams (5-6 subjects), studying PCMB thoroughly for entrance exams, and the amount of practise hours one needs to put into it.

How can I do it?

Each topic that you’re studying requires a lot more practice for your entrance exam preparation. Ensure that when you’re studying the topic for your school exams, you also practice JEE/NEET level questions for the same topic.

Bonus: Attending a CBSE-affiliated school will align you better for JEE preparation than any other board.

2. Your approach to studying for the entrance exam matters

If you’re weak in Physics as compared to Maths, don’t be afraid to practise 10 more problems in Physics than you do for Math daily – this is important for your improvement.

It’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses in every subject. Not doing this will end up hurting your preparation and cost you a few marks, but a lot of ranks.

How can I do it?

What are the topics you refrain from reading or practising problems on? These are most likely the topics that you are the weakest at. Avoiding them only weakens your basics.

Find all your strong & weak topics in the three subjects, and ensure you spend significantly more time practising the weak ones, sometimes more than practising your strong topics.

3. There is no substitute for practice

When I look back, the one thing that stands out to me is that I practised a lot of problems. I finished all my assignments, and when that was done, I would pick up books and practice more problems.

Although theory is necessary to understand, you can truly understand a topic only when you practice problems. Getting stuck while practising is not only common, but necessary for a student to understand the concept well.

How can I do it?

Spending some time reading the theory is important. Spending most of your time practising problems for that topic is crucial. You have to ensure that you have enough time to practise till you do not get stuck in any type of problem.

4. Time management is crucial

In my second attempt, there were two things that I improved in my preparation – I practised a lot of problems & learned how to manage my study time better.

With a couple of months to go for your entrance exam, the biggest mistake you can make is to study without having a plan in mind. How do you know the progress you’ve made daily, weekly and monthly? If you have a plan, you know how well-prepared you are.

How can I do it ?

Write, print, or keep an online planner with all the topics in your syllabus and the dates by which you plan to complete them. It’s also important to assign more time to topics that you’re weak at (which you should have identified earlier).

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