The PCMB Dilemma – JEE, NEET, or Both?

You’re a PCMB student you say? You’re studying both math and biology? Wow. Talk about flexibility.

Most of you in PCMB are probably medical aspirants. The rest of you may be engineering aspirants who were either confused between the two at some point, or didn’t have a better option at school.

By now, you must have decided whether to pursue engineering or medicine. Question is, should you also attempt the other option? If you are a medical aspirant, the addition of maths to PCB makes you eligible for a plethora of other courses apart from MBBS.

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If you’re a PCMB student who has decided to pursue engineering, writing NEET may not be of much use as you need rigorous preparations to get a decent rank. However, if you are a medical student, writing engineering entrance tests may be worth a shot.

Since you already have to study maths for your board exams, you will have a basic idea of the subject. Save for a few exams like JEE, knowing this much is enough to score well enough. We all know how much competition there is in medical and it can help to have a backup, should you decide against dropping a year to prepare again. If you study physics and chemistry well enough, you may even be able to crack JEE.

In short, if you have decided to pursue engineering for good, you can skip the medical entrance tests since there are already a lot of options in engineering itself.
If you want to be a doctor though, it wouldn’t hurt to attempt the engineering entrances, just to keep your options open.

Make sure you all register for all the entrance tests you want to appear since the application deadlines are approaching. Study hard, and best of luck!

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