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Recommended Books For IIT-JEE Preparation

Burramsetty, a tutor who cracked JEE Advanced in 2013 tells you which are the recommended books for IIT-JEE Preparation.

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JEE Mains:

Mathematics: McGraw-Hill series or the NCERT Text-Book. Either of these are enough.

Physics: NCERT Textbook and HC Verma. Solve every question and solved example of the NCERT Textbook. Go through solved examples of HC Verma. If possible, solve all the problems in it. Refer HC Verma for theory. It is the best.

Chemistry: NCERT Textbook. The NCERT Textbook is more than enough for Chemistry. Learn everything in the NCERT Textbook and it can fetch you at least 80 percent marks in Chemistry.

JEE Advanced:

Mathematics: Cengage Series is the Best for JEE Advanced Preparation. Solve all the questions in the Series and go through every example. It will be more than enough. You must definitely solve previous IIT JEE Question Papers as well.

Physics: To understand the concepts of Physics, dive deeper into Resnick Halliday Crane. It is a very good textbook and clears your concepts thoroughly. HC Verma, IE Irodov are necessary. You must solve entire HC Verma along with selected problems of IE Irodov in some important topics like Hydrostatics, Electricity and Magnetism and Mechanics. Again, you must definitely solve previous IIT JEE Question Papers as well.


Physical Chemistry: Atkins is the textbook you need to go through. For Practice, use P. Bahadur Numerical Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry: JD Lee is the preferred Textbook. OP Tandon by GRB is also good. For practice, OP Tandon is again sufficient.

Organic Chemistry: Wade is the best Textbook for Organic Chemistry. Be clear with Isomerism and Reaction Mechanisms before diving into Core of Organic Chemistry.

For practise, use Himanshu Pandey or MS Chouhan. Either of it is good. Complete them to get a good grip over Organic Chemistry.

Chat with tutors like Burramsettyon HashLearn. Download here

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