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Rapid Fire: Aman Goel On IIT Bombay, Computer Science & JEE Preparation

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Team HashLearn got a chance to speak with ?Aman Goel? from IIT Bombay. You may know him as the ?Most Viewed Writer on Quora? for IIT-JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) and IITs. In 2013, Aman got a score of 323/360 for JEE Main, and was AIR 33 in JEE Advanced 2013. Here is what he told us about JEE, IIT Bombay and life as a computer science student.

What motivated you to prepare for the JEE exams?

Aman Goel: I visited IIT Kanpur once and after that, getting into IITs became my target. I started preparing for JEE in the first week of May 2011.

If you could go back in time, what would you change about your preparation strategy?

AG: I wish I had practiced more of subjective problems in Maths. These problems definitely help in understanding concepts better.

What made you opt for Computer Science & Engineering stream?

AG: There were a lot of reasons – firstly, I learnt the basics of programming in high school and found it interesting ever since. After JEE, I was confused because I had no specific interests. All I had done was study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for 2 years.

Trends from the past years showed that every year most of the top 50 JEE rankers opted for Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at IIT Bombay. I felt that it would be a good choice because it will give me a chance to compete with the best students of the country.

Also, a lot of seniors who I spoke to gave good reviews of Computer Science & Engineering. The stream opens up a wide range of opportunities – research, placement, higher studies, etc. Seniors from IIT Bombay helped me finalize my stream.

How do you feel about opting for Computer Science & Engineering now?

AG: Choosing CSE was the best decision – I really enjoy coding! The best part is that you can actually see things you build in action – which is amazing! The worst part is – err, none?

What is your favorite domain in Computer Science?

AG: I am presently interested in building large scale distributed systems. I am doing a summer internship related to this field in which I am working with scalability of databases.

What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?

AG: I generally don’t do so much of planning. I enjoy writing code and in the next 5 years, I see myself writing lots of code.

Would you go back and change the stream you picked if you could?

AG: No no no! I can’t see myself in another branch – CSE is just awesome!

I have an advice for juniors. If you feel unsure about which branch to choose – go for CSE! It is absolutely fine to have no idea of various branches. No one expects a student to know everything about aerospace engineering or metallurgical engineering.

I personally recommend taking CSE because it will open up a lot of opportunities for anyone. You can pursue research/higher studies, sit for placements or work at the top tech companies!

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