NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 8 – Human Health and Disease

What are the various public health measures, which you would suggest as safeguard against infectious diseases?

Solution: Public health measures are preventive measures which are taken to check the spread of various infectious diseases.

Some of these methods are

  • Maintenance of personal and public hygiene: This measure includes maintaining a clean body, consumption of healthy and nutritious food, drinking clean water, etc.
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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Group the following as nitrogenous bases and nucleosides

Adenine, Cytidine, Thymine, Guanosine, Uracil, and Cytosine.

Solution: Nitrogenous bases present in the list are adenine, thymine, uracil, and cytosine.  Nucleosides present in the list are cytidine and guanosine.

If a double-stranded DNA has 20 percent of cytosine, calculate the percent of adenine in the DNA.

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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 5 – Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Mention the advantages of selecting a pea plant for the experiment by Mendel.

Solution: Mendel selected pea plants to carry out his study on the inheritance of characters from parents to offspring.  He selected a pea plant for the following features:

  • Pea plant has many visible contrasting characters such as tall/dwarf plants, purple/white flowers, etc.
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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health

What do you think is the significance of reproductive health in a society?

Solution: Reproductive health is the total well-being in all aspects of reproduction. It includes physical, emotional, behavioral, and social well-being. AIDS, gonorrhea, etc. are sexually transmitted diseases transferred from one individual to another through sexual contact.

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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Name the parts of an angiosperm flower in which development of male and female gametophyte take place.

Solution: The male gametophyte or the pollen grain develops inside the pollen chamber of the anther, whereas the female gametophyte develops inside the nucellus of the ovule from the functional megaspore.

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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction

Fill in the blanks:

(a) Humans reproduce __________. (asexually/sexually) 

(b) Humans are__________. (oviparous/viviparous/ovoviviparous) 

(c) Fertilization is __________ in humans. (external/internal) 

(d) Male and female gametes are __________. (diploid/haploid) 

(e) Zygote is __________. (diploid/haploid) 

(f) The process of release of the ovum from a mature follicle is called__________. 

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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 1- Reproduction in Organisms

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