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Old NITs or new IITs, how to choose?

Choosing between the older NITs and the newer IITs can be tricky. That’s why we asked our tutors Shreya and Trinayan to give their views on the matter to help you decide which is best for you.

Shreya is from BIT Mesra while Trinayan is from NIT, Trichy. Let’s see what they have to say!

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1) Placements:


The old NITs like Trichy, Warangal, etc. no doubt offer better placement opportunities as compared to those offered in newly opened IITs like IIT Bhilai, Goa, Jammu, etc.


Companies still prefer older NITs to newer IITs because of their brand image.

2) Campus:


If you are looking for a good campus life then surely your choice should be the older NITs. Newer IITs either have borrowed someone else’s or they organise activities in different places


Most new IITs don’t have their own campus and have the minimum infrastructure. In contrast, NIT Trichy has a well-developed campus of 800 acres which is comparable to most of the old IITs.

3) Brand Value:


Ask any student in India, the tag ‘IIT’ has its own brand value which is much greater than the tag of ‘NIT’. But the recruiters’ views differ in this case. They treat the tags ‘new-IIT’ and ‘IIT’ differently. After all the exposure in older NITs matters a lot.


Ask any recruiter in India, they will sure recognise the tags ‘new-IIT’ and ‘IIT’ differently. After all, you miss out on a lot of exposure in the newer ones. Ask anyone outside India, they know neither IITs nor NITs. The ones who know, always hold the older institute at a higher level.

Here’s what Shreya had to say about Branch Choice when choosing between old NITs and new IITs:

If you are highly interested in a specific branch then do not hesitate to choose it because one can concentrate only if one loves that stream and here it is about choosing your career option. But when it’s between a ‘good’ (by good I mean high cut-off) branch in a new IIT and a decent one in an old IIT, time and again the latter has proved to be a better choice.

What about alumni? Alumni networks serve as a strong support structure for students. What fares better then? Old NITs or new IITs? Here’s what Trinayan had to say:

This is something that requires years and years to develop. It is clear and understood that older NITs have a larger alumni base that has been developed since years. How can the new IITs even compare with the large and insurmountable alumni network built by older NITs?

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(You can chat with tutors like Shreya and Trinayan on the HashLearn app and get your doubts cleared. Download the HashLearn app here)

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