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Last Minute Prep: Why it’s Important to Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers

As you’re closing in on the various entrance exams, you might be understanding the exceeding importance of solving previous years’ question paper of the exams that you’re preparing for. If you’re not, it’s time you do. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It covers everything. You could choose to go through every single concept in every single topic, in every single subject. Or you could just solve old question papers. They will actually cover pretty much everything you need to know. No need to worry about missing out any important topic or concept.
  2. You can understand the pattern. Different exams give different weightage to different topics. Although there are equal marks for the three main subjects – physics, chemistry and math/biology, the number of questions asked from the topics of each subject vary for every exam. Knowing this pattern could help you prevent spending too much time on concepts that aren’t very important for the tests you’re focusing on.
  3. Fewer curve balls. These question papers not only provide you with the pattern in which the topics appear, but also help you understand what kind of questions are asked from each topic. There may be some topics from which conceptual questions are asked, while there may be others from which the questions are exclusively problem based. This means you can anticipate the type of questions you’re going to get and so the actual test you write won’t surprise you much or cause you to panic.
  4. Improve your speed. The three aforementioned points combined mean that now you will gain a rough understanding of what the paper is going to be like. As you keep solving more and more papers, you will find yourself getting faster at solving. Especially the easier questions. During the exam, this extra time you gain will be important to stay calm while working out the more difficult ones. You also don’t have to fear being unable to complete the paper!
  5. Confidence. Remember, when you solve previous years’ papers, you are not just solving a question bank. These are real papers from the actual exams that have happened in the past. If you can crack these, you can crack the exam. Just knowing this should make you feel ten times more prepared.

So what are you waiting for? Start solving those papers!

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