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Last Minute Preparation Tips

It’s that time of the year again. You know what we’re talking about. You must’ve noticed everyone around you suddenly realized that you’re writing all your important exams this year and all of a sudden, the pressure just increased tenfold. However, it’s not as bad as everyone makes it look. In fact, getting stressed and panicking is the last thing you should be doing right now. It only helps mess up your performance. What’s the first thing you should be doing? Here goes:

  1. Eat healthy, sleep well. The last thing anybody wants is to study the whole year (or two) only to wind up sick on the day of the exam. You might be thinking “Nah. That won’t happen to me.” It might be a slim chance (or a big one if your lifestyle isn’t healthy) but it’s still a chance. If it does happen, you’ll feel pretty awful about it. Plus, eating veggies and sleeping for 8 hours a day can boost your brainpower and improve your performance. So do yourself a favor – lay off the junk food and all-nighters.
  2. Do not start new topics. Remember that thing about not panicking? This is the simplest way to panic. If you haven’t studied a topic in the last 12+ months, chances are it won’t help much to start now. You’d rather spend your time revising wat you’ve already done. This will give a massive boost to your confidence which will mean less stress and better performance. You might also find some doubts arising as you revise, which brings me to the next point…
  3. Get your doubts before they get you. If you have any doubts, old or new, get them cleared now. It could be as small as a simple problem that you can’t understand, however, it’s big enough to affect your final score. You might have spent days learning the ins and outs of the topic/subject. You do not want to look back and think about how it was all in vain because of that one tiny problem you decided to leave. Talk to your teachers and tutors. Get that doubt out of your head.
  4. Mock tests are your best friends, for now at least. Since you’re already in the revision phase, do it the best way. Rather than revising individual topics, mocks help you answer questions from all topics. You can go the distance by timing yourself to replicate the test environment. This will help you gain confidence and shake off your nervousness for the exams.
  5. Relax. This isn’t said enough but a cool head is key when it comes to solving brain wracking problems. You’ll figure this out soon enough if you practice with mock tests. Try yoga, meditation or even exercise. Always take breaks while studying. Don’t give in to the pressure!

Well, you’ve come this far. You’re almost at the finish line. Hang in there till you reach the end. Remember, we’ve all been in your place, so you aren’t alone. All the best!

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