JEE Main 2019 Results Out: Here is what HashLearn Users Had To Say!

The NTA has declared the JEE Main Score for Paper 1 along with percentile on January 19, 2019. The JEE Main results were expected to be out on January 31 but the same has been released 10 days in advance.

This time around the JEE Main 2019 results was normalised or prepared as percentile scores since the exam was held in multiple sessions. On the day of the exam, candidates were given different sets of questions per session and it is quite possible that in spite of all efforts of maintaining equivalence among various question papers, the difficulty level of these question papers administered in different sessions may not be exactly the same. Hence the raw marks have been converted into percentile scores using the normalization process released by NTA.

If you haven’t understood what the NTA score is and why the raw marks were converted into percentile scores using the normalization process then this article below is a must read.


Post the result announcement we reached out to a couple of our HashLearn users eager to know how they performed in the JEE Main 2019 examinations. We are super delighted to announce that our students have successfully cleared the JEE Main 2019 with a good NTA score/percentile score. Here is what they had to say.


 Testimonials from HashLearn Users 

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