What Works Better: Self-Study or Coaching?

The common question that all JEE aspirants have is, “Can I clear JEE without coaching?”

If you are one of them, read these facts about JEE 2016 as published by IIT Guwahati that will surprise you.

How many IITians relied on self-study than coaching?

Of the 10,576 students who were admitted to IITs, 52.4% studied on their own, as per the data that IIT Guwahati analyzed for JEE 2016. Only 44.5% were enrolled in coaching institutes for JEE preparation, while the remaining 3.1% went for individual tuition.

This is a surprising trend as most students think that coaching is the surefire way of getting into an IIT, and end up wasting valuable time trying to find what works for them, instead of preparing for JEE seriously.

How many students who cleared JEE 2016 were from Rajasthan?

1,646 students from Rajasthan cleared JEE Advanced 2016, making Rajasthan the state with the highest contribution towards JEE ranks. Rajasthan is popular for its JEE coaching town, Kota, and contributes a lot towards the number of JEE aspirants every year.

How many students from urban cities cleared JEE 2016?

A whopping 75% students who cleared JEE Advanced came from urban cities in India. Most of these students also come from CBSE-affiliated schools.

The advantage that these students have are studying the syllabus that closely aligns with the syllabus for JEE, and better access to teachers from their own schools who can help them with their questions.

Which one of these trends surprised you the most? Share your views here.

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