Important Chemistry topics for JEE Mains

Laxma, a Chemistry teacher with 19 years’ experience tells you what Chemistry topics are important for JEE Mains.

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Physical Chemistry:

Mole concept and basic concepts of chemistry: It’s critical that you practise a wide range of problems. Equivalent concepts and limiting factor play important roles here

Redox reactions: Balancing is important here. You need to be good in both methods – ion electron and oxidation number methods

States of matter: You will get atleast 1 question. Practise a lot of numericals

Thermodynamics: Again, you will get atleast 1 question. You need be very good at signs(-,+)
Equilibrium: Expect questions on both equilibria. Solubility product is a little difficult, rest are comparatively easier

Solid state: Density, defects and formulae are important along with some memory-based examples of various types of lattices

Kinetics: Order, molecularity based questions are super important

Electro chemistry: Another important chapter. You need to solve lot of numericals. Faraday’s laws, Kohlrausch law and batteries are all important concepts.

Solutions? and colligative properties: Simple, but you need some time to solve lengthy numericals.

Surface chemistry: Again, you will get atleast 1 question. Just remember as much as you can.


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Organic Chemistry:

Stereo chemistry: Optical isomers are very important.

Reaction mechanism is the most important and you can expect a lot of questions from this topic. Acidic, basic strength orders and stability orders are to be concentrated on.

Hydrocarbons, alkyl halides, alcohosl, acids, amines each carry one question.

Carbonyl compounds are important for both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.
Questions on biomolecules, polymers and chemistry in everyday life might come. Since all are memory based, don’t waste much time on these topics.

Inorganic Chemistry:

Periodic properties, chemical bonding and complex compounds are very important and carry lot of questions. Metallurgy also carries one question.

s, p, d, f-block elements are completely memory based. Going through NCERT should be enough.

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