IITian Speaks: The World Runs On The Principles Of Mechanics

Team HashLearn is very pleased to bring you the musings of Mr. Apurv Dave who got AIR 908 in JEE Advanced 2015 and AIR 3334 in JEE Main. Apurv hails from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Currently, he is pursuing Mechanical Engineering in IIT Kharagpur and also holds the pride of being the branch opener of Mechanical Engineering there.

Q. What motivated you to prepare for the JEE exams?

Apurv Dave:Like most of the aspirants, I too started preparing for JEE since class 11th. There were many obvious things that motivated me throughout the journey. But the success of my older brother in JEE worked as the fuel to my inclination towards JEE.

Q. If you could go back in time, what would you change about your preparation strategy?

Apurv Dave: I always told myself to not give up and have the fire in the belly. The way through JEE is indeed challenging. For me, it was the perseverance that let me sail through that sea of uncertainties and difficulties. Still, if there is something that I would have liked to change in my strategy, it would be to avoid the afternoon sleep which is not a good habit. This habit of mine went on for the span of two years and somehow it made me less efficient in attempting second paper.

Q. What made you opt for Mechanical Engineering?

Apurv Dave: My older brother who is an IITian himself and his friends guided me regarding how to choose my branch. The branch you opt for should be aligned to your interest and for me that’s Mechanical Engineering.

Q. How do you feel about opting for Mechanical Engineering now?

Apurv Dave:I feel pretty confident about my selection. Automobiles and Robotics were always fascinating for me. I wanted to work in those areas.

Q. What is your favourite domain in Mechanical Engineering?

Apurv Dave: Mechanical systems vary greatly in their complexity and magnitude. From the valve in an artificial heart to a car engine stretching up to a mammoth nuclear plant- there is wide range of systems to work upon. This is what I like most about the branch – diversity. As expected like most of the students, I don’t like the lengthy books of the curriculum.

Q. What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?

Apurv Dave: In the next five years, I want to explore other subjects apart from my curriculum like Analytics and Finance as well.

Q. Would you go back and change the stream you picked if you could?

Apurv Dave: No, not at all. I was always inclined towards Mechanical Engineering.

Q. How would HashLearn Now have helped you as a JEE aspirant?

Apurv Dave: I believe these kind of platforms give us an opportunity to talk to people who have experienced the whole JEE preparation life and IIT life as well. So, they can be good mentors to JEE aspirants than anyone else. I advise students to use this platform in a constructive way to solve their doubts and learn concepts from IITians.

Q. Any advice for juniors ?

Apurv Dave:
I would advise juniors to find out in which field they are interested and then only choose their branch. Do not take a branch just because everyone is opting for it.

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