Formulae Everywhere – How to Remember Them All

Formulae are like difficult boss fights in video games where you are outnumbered by enemies, except they are much greater in number. It’s a well-known fact that all you JEE and NEET aspirants have to learn a lot of equations and have them on the tip of your tongue. Here are some ways you can memorize them better:

  1. Use post-its: Write down all those formulae on post-it notes and put them up in every place possible, not just your study table! That way you can freshen up your memory even when you aren’t studying. You can make things even easier by using different colored notes for different subjects or topics.
  2. Write more, retain more: Whenever you’re solving a problem, write down the related formula. Even if you remember it. It only takes 30 seconds. Do this even if it’s a theory based question. It will help you relate the formula to concepts and help remember them better.
  3. Sleep on it: Every night, before falling asleep, think about everything you studied that day. No need to get your books out. Just close your eyes and think about every single formula that you went through. This will help you remember them the next day when you wake up too.
  4. Traditional memory techniques: Use memorization techniques like making up fun abbreviations, or make up a story involving the components of the formula. This can be especially helpful when memorizing chemical reactions and their names.
  5. Learn, don’t mug: When you learn the concept behind a certain formula, it will automatically start to make sense. So, always go through the derivation or theory behind the formula before you start to memorize it.
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