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How to prepare for NEET 2017 in 2 months

Better late than never they say – rightly said!

Here are some quick ways our NEET tutor Sumil suggests for you to get the most out of your 2 month preparation for NEET 2017.

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1) Pay attention to all subjects: Don’t ignore subjects you are weak in. This is important because sometimes paper is so structured that your easy subject might have difficult questions. In that case you can have a headstart if you have studied all subjects.

2) Revise old topics: It’s super easy to forget the topics you spent time studying if you don’t revise. So while covering new topics, remember to revise old topics as well.

3) Solve question papers: Set your timer for 140-150 minutes. While in the examination hall there are many pressure situations which cannot be created otherwise. The only way you can prepare yourself to handle some of the pressure is by limiting your time while solving question papers.

4) Be confident: Don’t let yourself believe that if you are unable to master a topic or subject you wont be able to make it. (Read how some bounced back after failing in 7 subjects)

You have 4 subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.
Physics = 180 marks
Chemistry = 180 marks
Biology (Zoology + Botany) = 360 marks

Now, if you are thorough with 3 of them you can easily get around 150 in each of them scoring 450 marks in 3 subjects along.

For the 1 other subject, you just need 90-100 marks. And you can be sure of getting a seat. That is easily manageable.

5) Physics: Try and solve many questions. It will be easier if you only have to change values of numericals during exam rather than figuring the entire steps for solution.It will save time.

6) Last month: In the last(revision) month revise NCERT for biology and organic and inorganic chemistry. Questions are directly framed from its sentences as it is.

7) Take care of your health: You can’t afford to lose any time. So eat healthy and sleep well.

(You can also find the important Chemistry topics for NEET here)

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