Effective Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before an Exam

Exams are just around the corner. And it’s only natural that you are anxious about the exams. Most students would be joking if they claim to be relaxed and calm during exam preparation. It’s not just to do with exams but with any life-altering phases in anyone’s life. A seasoned sportsperson could still have his anxiety before a vital match. An Olympic swimmer could probably be losing his calm before a swim meet. So, the first towards understanding the anxiety and unease before exams are all about accepting that it is normal. After all, the boy/girl in the next bench is also going through the same!




Panic, stress, and anxiety in the last leg of your exam preparation journey can hinder your progress. So, how do you manage this?

Unless you prepare well enough, you are never going to be at peace. So, tell yourself that the way forward, to eliminate this anxiety and keep yourself sane, you need to be focused on your academic progress. In this last leg, revise as much as possible, plug all the gaps and work on your weaknesses. Have a personal roadmap and track your progress with tests. Do everything that is within your reach to realize your dreams!


Expecto Patronum!

If you can identify what is pulling you down, what is making you stressed and anxious, you can do two things. Try and avoid it. Or, try and overcome the factor. Think of it as Harry Potter putting in his best efforts to learn the Patronus charm, to ensure that he doesn’t fail in front of dementors.


Be practical

It is easy for people to say ‘Don’t watch TV shows, web series. Avoid social media like the plague. And lock yourself in a room, throw the keys away and study all the time’. But, it is impractical advice and we all know that it doesn’t work. So, have a healthy dose of other things to do. Play, indulge in some socialization, keep track of social media but have an eye on the time you spend on these things. Tell yourself that you are allowed 30 minutes of social media time a day.


Manage peer pressure

Sometimes, peer pressure can be constructive. And sometimes, it can be destructive. Choose to cave in or make use of it, wisely. You shouldn’t invest your time in people who make you lose focus or discourage you from making the right progress. Befriend the Hermiones of your world!


There you go, follow these directions and soon you will be able to calm your nerves down while preparing for an important exam.


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