How To Improve Your Scores in JEE Main 2019 April Exam- Tips, Books & Downloadable PDFs

Phase 1 of JEE Main session is over now with the NTA conducting the exam on January 9, 10, 11 and 12 and declaring the results on January 19, 2019. By now, all aspirants are aware of their respective percentile and can arrive at an estimation of where they stand in terms of All India Rank (AIR). Unlike the previous years, students are fortunate enough to have two chances to attempt JEE Main 2019. There are about 60 days left for your JEE Main April exam, so time is limited and crucial so it’s important that you make the best use of this opportunity.


 Important Dates for JEE Main 2019, April Exam 

Events Dates
 Availability of Online Application   8th February 2019
 Last date for submission of online application form   7th March 2019
 JEE Main Mock Test    Starting from 1st September 2018    
 JEE Main Admit Card   18th March 2019
 JEE Main 2019 Exam (Computer Based Test)   6th – 20th April 2019
 Answer Key and OMR sheets display   Post-April 21st, 2019
 Answer Key challenge acceptance   Last week of April 2019 
 JEE Main result  30th April 2019
 All India Rank declaration  May 2019


The best part about splitting the examinations into two sessions is that now with his/her individual experience in Jan 2019 examination, the candidate can analyze where they were able to score well and where they could not. Use this to your advantage and prepare wisely for the JEE Main 2019, April exam.

Now lets down to discussing strategies to help you boost your performance for the coming JEE Main 2019, April exam.


  Tips to improve your scores in JEE Main 2019, April exam 

  1. First off, count back the number of days you have left for the exam. Now prepare a timetable for all chapters of each subject. The time table should be prepared in such a way that all of the units and topics mentioned in the syllabus are covered.
  2. There are obviously difficult topics that you will encounter but make it a point to not ignore them. The best strategy to adopt here is to try and arrange the topics according to their difficulty level and study accordingly. 
  3. Learn everything there is know about the JEE Main exam pattern. Familiarizing with the exam pattern can definitely work in your favor since you will then acquaint yourself with the types of questions asked, mode of examination, duration and more.  
  4. You would have heard this advice a hundred times but it is a valuable one. Attempt Mock tests and solve sample papers. While attempting to solve them, try and observe how the same concepts are asked in different ways to confuse you.
  5. NCERT NCERT all the way. Experts have observed that most of the questions in the JEE Main Jan exam came directly from the NCERT textbooks. So do not ignore NCERT textbooks. 

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  Tips to Improve your scores in JEE Main 2019, April exam: Physics Edition 

Students who attempted the JEE Main 2019, Jan exam have openly pointed out how the Physics section was a little tough this time than the two other sections. The Physics section was a bit tricky and needed the most attention, the difficulty level was a little more than expected also demanding the students to have in-depth knowledge of the subject. So the tips here would to :

  1. Always refer to conceptual books like Concepts of Physics by HC Verma. 
  2. Focus entirely on NCERTs and previous years’ papers.


Best Physics books to refer for JEE Main 2019, April exam

 Book Name   Author 
 Concepts of Physics   HC Verma 
 Problems in General Physics   I.E. Irodov 
 University Physics   Freedman and Young 
 Fundamentals of Physics   Halliday, Resnick, and Walker 
 Understanding of JEE Physics series   DC Pandey 
 Problems in Physics   SS Krotov 

 Tips to improve your score in JEE Main 2019, April Exam: Chemistry Edition 

While preparing for Chemistry, the idea should be studying according to the width and not the depth in general. The ideal approach is to give more emphasis on a numerical solving approach. This will help you immensely for your JEE Main, April exam preparations. Again, NCERT is your savior and so we have managed to list down some important topics in NCERT for Chemistry.

Ionic Equilibrium
Environmental Chemistry
Oxidizing and Reducing Agents of Organic Chemistry
Salt Analysis
Coordination Compounds


Best Chemistry books to refer for JEE Main 2019, April exam

 Book Name   Author 
 Organic Chemistry   Solomans & Fryhle 
 Concise Inorganic   J.D. Lee 
 Modern approach to Chemical sciences   R C Mukherjee 
 University Chemistry   Freedman and Young 
 Physical Chemistry   N Awasthi 
 Arihant practice book for Chemistry JEE & JEE Advanced   R. K Gupta 



 Tips to improve your score in JEE Main 2019, April Exam: Mathematics Edition 

Mathematics was considered easier compared to other subjects last year during the JEE exams but definitely a time consuming one. There are about 16 units in JEE Main Syllabus for Maths but not all of them carry the same weightage. Some of the units are more important than others and must be given more importance, time and practice.

Experts have observed that around 20-25% questions in Maths came directly from the previous year’s paper. Meaning, for Mathematics it is paramount that you attempt mock tests at-least every week before you appear for the JEE in April. This will help you gauge your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. 


Best Mathematics books to refer for JEE Main 2019, April exam

 Book Name   Author 
 Higher Algebra   Hall and Knight 
 Coordinate Geometry   S.L.Loney 
 Differential and Integral Calculus   N. Pishkunov 
 Calculus and Analytic Geometry   Thomas and Finney 
 IIT Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced    M. L Khanna 
 Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics   A Das Gupta
 Trigonometry   S. L. Loney 

 JEE Main 2019 Syllabus PDF 

Looking for ways to improve your scores in JEE Main 2019, April exam? 

We’ve got you covered. Here are some PDF documents from top publishers like Arihant and MTG to boost your performance for the JEE Main 2019, April exam. Check out the list below.


S no:    PDFs   
1  Gear up for JEE Main 2019 (Physics)   
2   Syllabus for JEE Main   
3   Paper 2017: JEE Main  
4   Solved Papers 2017: JEE Advanced (Paper 1)  
5   Solved Papers 2017: JEE Advanced (Paper 2)  
6   Trend Analysis of JEE Advanced 2014 – 2017   



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