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How Difficult Will JEE 2017 Be? Solve JEE 2010 Paper 2

Earlier, we discussed JEE 2010 Paper 1 and analyzed the difficulty & topic-wise divide for it.

Now, let’s take a look at JEE 2010 Paper-2 and find out how IIT Madras, the institute conducting JEE 2017, set the paper back in 2010 in terms of difficulty & asked topics.
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Now, let’s look closely at JEE 2010 Paper-2 in terms of difficulty and the topics that were asked.

Analysis of Physics in JEE 2010 Paper-2

Most of the questions asked in Physics were of an average difficulty, and a quarter of the questions were of a difficulty level below average.

Very little of the Physics questions were of an above average difficulty.

The topics asked in Physics from the most asked to the least asked is given in the order shown below:

Optics: 29%
Mechanics: 29%
Electrodynamics: 21%
Modern Physics: 14%
Waves: 7%

Analysis of Chemistry in JEE 2010 Paper-2

The Chemistry questions asked were a balance between average and above average questions. A mere 4% of the asked questions were of below average difficulty level.

The breakdown of topics asked in Chemistry from the most asked to the least are listed below:

Inorganic: 41%
Organic: 34%
Physical: 25%

Analysis of Mathematics in JEE 2010 Paper-2

A significant amount of questions asked in Maths Paper-2 was of average & above average difficulty, but very few of the questions asked were easy to solve.

The topics asked in Maths from the most asked to the least asked is given in the order shown below:

Algebra: 37%
Vector Algebra: 18%
Coordinate Geometry: 15%
Differential Calculus: 15%
Integral Calculus: 9%
Trigonometry: 6%

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