HashLearn Introduces Free Live Video Classes for Aptitude Based Exams

It’s no news that HashLearn Courses are here to disrupt the Coaching industry through free, high-quality Live Video Classes for all Exams. The videos offered with these Courses come with 100% portion coverage by Great Teachers without any charges. By handpicking the best Teachers at a Chapter-level, HashLearn ensures that aspirants get the highest quality of input with the added benefit of convenience.

Courses Currently Offered on HashLearn

At HashLearn, we understand how knowledge in Aptitude has become a standard requirement for every competitive exams and job interviews these days. The reason is to judge the problem solving and decision-making skills of the candidate. In most of these competitive exams, the aptitude test is conducted as a part of the written exam. In such type of questions, the speed of the candidate in solving the problem takes precedence over his/her knowledge about the subject. So if you are planning to appear for a competitive exam or attend a formal job interview, then you must start working on your aptitude skills.

Introducing HashLearn’s Free Live Video Classes for Aptitude based exams. This new course offered by HashLearn guarantees 100% portion coverage from top teachers for Bank PO, SSC, CAT, LIC/NIACL, Railways, RBI, SBI, AFCAT, and other aptitude based exams. Between 7-8 pm everyday watch our teachers come to you live covering aptitude topics like – 

  • Speed, Time, Distance 
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Blood relations
  • Time & Work
  • Geometry – Triangles, Quadrilaterals etc

Our highly experienced teachers will provide you with tips & techniques to tackle tough problems, engage you with concept-building classes to help build a strong foundation and as a bonus, you get access to Current Affairs and General Knowledge session every Saturday. The first Live Class from Mr. Janki Singh Sulanki went live yesterday covering the topic Speed, Time and Distance. You can watch the class below.


Did you know that Aptitude tests can help you understand which type of career is best suited for you based on your potential? For eg: If you have a high aptitude in Numerical areas of understanding then careers like Finance and Management may be your cup of tea. So spend your preparation time wisely. We understand the importance of Aptiude based tests and how it has become an important and integral part of the competitive entrance exams and interview processes. 


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Preparing for an Aptitude based entrance exam?

Bank PO, SSC, CAT, LIC/NIACL, Railways, RBI, SBI, AFCAT, or any other aptitude exams?


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