Important Chapters for NEET: Chemistry Edition


A 19-years’ experienced Chemistry teacher, Laxma, tells you which are the important Chemistry chapters for NEET.

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Organic Chemistry:

Nomenclature typical examples and stereochemistry, particularly optical isomers and geometrical isomers are very important.…

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Study Tips: How To Solve Problems in Relative Motion?

This Kinematics tip was contributed by Kshitij, a HashLearn tutor from BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.

With this tip, you will learn:

  • The formula to solve Relative Motion problems
  • The problems you should solve to understand this concept
  • How to determine the application of this formula

The formula to solve these problems is
Vac = Vag – Vcg
To find the relative velocity of particle a with respect to particle c, you have to subtract velocity of c with respect to the ground from velocity of a with respect to the ground.…

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