HashLearn 60 Day JEE Challenge


With just a few more days left for one of the toughest entrance examinations in our country, JEE, you must be endlessly trying to track, analyse and compare your current performance. And since you are preparing for board exams as well as entrance tests, it is essential that you channelise your hard work and efforts effectively.

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Follow this 60-Day timetable to be successful in JEE

Mr Krishna V, a HashLearn tutor, who’s currently studying Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras contributes this detailed 60-day timetable to be successful in JEE that covers the entire syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

After you have completed your regular preparation, It is essential to revise everything thoroughly before the final examination.

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7 easy steps to JEE success: Physics Edition

This article is based on tips contributed by Mohan V, who cracked JEE Advanced with an All India Rank of 499 in 2016. He is a HashLearn tutor and IIT student. He’s currently studying Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras.


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Physics is a fascinating subject for most of us and here are few tips to make it easy.…

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