Class 12 Maths NCERT solutions

Students preparing for various competitive exam often dive directly into the subject without having a look at the syllabus first. A deep understanding of the syllabus can help with familiarizing the subject, understanding its depth, difficulty level and so on. Hence, the first step in your preparation process is to have a deep understanding of the syllabus. 

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Class 11 Physics NCERT solutions

We see students struggling with the endless syllabus while preparing for an entrance exam. Since not knowing where to focus on has become a serious issue we’ve decided to save you from that hassle. In this article, you will find Class 11 physics handwritten notes as downloadable PDFs, these high-quality NCERT handwritten notes for Class 11 Physics are from HashLearn teachers.

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Clear JEE Without Coaching [Updated]

These tips were contributed by K.Jaswanth, a HashLearn Tutor who is currently studying Computer Science and Technology at IIIT Kottayam.

Let us first look at creating a strategy to tackle JEE subject-wise. 




First complete topics like:

  • Coordinate geometry
  • Conic sections
  • Trigonometry
  • Matrices and determinants
  • Differentiation and limits &
  • Integration and vector algebra


It is vital that you complete these topics first since they hold more weightage in Maths JEE Mains.

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