HashLearn’s Online Test Series (OTS) for JEE Main 2020


JEE 2020 Online Test Series

The Test Series includes 12 Live Mini JEEs, starting on 26th August 2018.
So, what are Mini JEEs?

Mini JEEs ?

Mini JEEs are topic-focused tests in tune with the target exam.

Noteworthy Features:

All tests in the OTS come with:

  • Online test pattern as per target exam
  • Detailed solutions
  • In-depth analysis


To provide you the real exam experience, the Mini JEEs are based on the exact pattern of the JEE.

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Introducing HashLearn’s Online Test Series (OTS) for JEE Main 2019


The Test Series starts with 10 Live Mini JEEs followed by 10 Live Model JEEs. So, what are Mini JEEs and Model JEEs?

Mini JEEs and Model JEEs?

Mini JEEs are topic-focused while the Model JEEs are full-syllabus mock exams.

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How to Choose The Best IIT JEE Coaching Institute For You

Suraj, an IITian from BHU tells you what you should consider while choosing a coaching institute for IIT JEE.

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Free Live Video Classes for JEE with 100% portion coverage by great Teachers


Every student who is keen to prepare for IIT- JEE must have come across this dilemma.…

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