NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 11 – Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Can you list 10 recombinant proteins which are used in medical practice? Find out where they are used as therapeutics (use the internet).


Recombinant proteins Therapeutic use
DNAse Mucoviscidosis
Interleukin Cancer
Human growth hormone Dwarfism
Glucocerebrosidase Gaucher’s disease
Human insulin Diabetes
Tissue plasminogen activator Myocardial infarction
Insulin-like growth factor Childhood growth anabolic effects in adults
Erythropoietin Stimulation of production of erythrocytes
Interferon Treatment of infectious diseases like multiple sclerosis
Alpha-galactosidase A Enzyme replacement therapy


Make a chart (with diagrammatic representation) showing a restriction enzyme, the substrate DNA on which it acts, the site at which it cuts DNA and the product it produces.

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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Group the following as nitrogenous bases and nucleosides

Adenine, Cytidine, Thymine, Guanosine, Uracil, and Cytosine.

Solution: Nitrogenous bases present in the list are adenine, thymine, uracil, and cytosine.  Nucleosides present in the list are cytidine and guanosine.

If a double-stranded DNA has 20 percent of cytosine, calculate the percent of adenine in the DNA.

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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 5 – Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Mention the advantages of selecting a pea plant for the experiment by Mendel.

Solution: Mendel selected pea plants to carry out his study on the inheritance of characters from parents to offspring.  He selected a pea plant for the following features:

  • Pea plant has many visible contrasting characters such as tall/dwarf plants, purple/white flowers, etc.
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NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions: Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health

What do you think is the significance of reproductive health in a society?

Solution: Reproductive health is the total well-being in all aspects of reproduction. It includes physical, emotional, behavioral, and social well-being. AIDS, gonorrhea, etc. are sexually transmitted diseases transferred from one individual to another through sexual contact.

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NEET Previous Year Question Paper With Solution (2017): Biology Edition

Events Dates
 Availability of Application Form   1st – 30th November 2019 
 Last date to submit Application Form    30th November 2019
 Last date to pay the fees  November 2018
 Application form correction   December 2018
 Admit card availability  15th April 2019
 Exam Date  5th May 2019
 Answer Key  Within the week after the exam  
 Result date  5th June 2019
 Counseling date  2nd week of June 2019


Meet Khushboo K, an MSc.

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How to prepare for NEET 2019 in 2 months!

The NEET is the entrance examination to most medical colleges in India now. We will see how to make use of the two precious months left with us in our NEET preparation phase.

Events  Dates
 Release of application   November 1, 2018  
 Application form submission last date    December 7, 2018 (extended) 
 Application form correction   December 2018 
 Application Fee Payment   December 1 – December 12, 2018   
 Exam date   May 5, 2019 


The NEET Syllabus covers Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of class 11 and 12, as laid down by the Medical Council of India (MCI).  

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