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An All-New HashLearn, Your Everyday Study Partner

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of HashLearn v2.0, our next step in becoming a trusted everyday learning companion for every student.

HashLearn version 2.0 is simpler and faster

v2.0 offers a whole new user experience based on a bold, yet simple design.

“What are you studying now?”

At the heart of HashLearn v2.0, is the check-in, which represents what the student is studying at any point of time.

Based on the check-in, everything changes.

Right from tutors to whom the student gets connected to in the Doubt screen, to the questions they see in the Practice screen.

‘Connect to Tutor’ is at the heart of the app

The new ‘Connect To Tutor’ screen takes centre-stage in the app. Users can request sessions without intermediary steps whatsoever.

A whole new Practice module

Questions are arranged as cards for quick skimming and attempting.

Along with instant feedback, students can view stats for each question and easily share questions with each other.

HashLearn v2.0 is focused on the student’s natural learning process – moving between topics while studying, getting stuck on doubts, attempting questions and sharing them with friends – making it the most contextual experience for her.

Our vision is to make HashLearn a daily habit for students and to address the ‘culture’ of learning.

We have brought back our old logo and a new tagline to emphasize this focus.

The logo underlines our focus on simplicity and the yellow colour is the universal school-bus colour.

A labour of love

We want to thank our users who have sent us lots of love and appreciation. Your reviews and feedback are the fountain of energy and enthusiasm for us.

This new release is a labour of love from all of us and the first in a series of steps that will make HashLearn your true learning partner.

— Team HashLearn

Want to try the new HashLearn v2.0? Click here.

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