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Books You Need For JEE Advanced – By AIR 11

JEE Mains AIR 11 Gayatri, tells you what books you need for JEE Advanced.

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a. Cengage: The comprehension questions in this book are really good. I would not suggest the single choice or multiple ones because of their huge number.

b. Previous Papers: I would say this is the best that can be done to master maths for JEE. But solving should be done with time constraint, else there wouldn’t be any use.

a. Physical Chemistry: There is a Physical Chemistry book by Avasthi. For JEE Advanced, I would suggest to solve the Level-2 questions in it. If time permits, I would suggest Neeraj Pandey. The single choice questions are good. For other models, previous papers are the best.

b. Organic Chemistry: MS Chouhan is the best book for Organic. There is Himanshu Pandey too, but then it comprises more problems and many key mistakes. It’s enough if one can complete the single choice questions in it. As always, going through previous papers is the best for everything else.

c. Inorganic Chemistry: Students face the biggest problem in finding suitable book for this! First be thorough with NCERT. Then I would recommend JD Lee. For only few topics though. I would suggest to read only those topics which were in NCERT in JD Lee for deeper knowledge. For problem solving, I would choose K Kumar,(GRB publications). It has decent problems with solutions. Again, do previous papers.

a. The notes of your professor 🙂

b. H.C Verma: From the short answer questions to exercises, try to solve it completely. This book gives the best and clearest idea of the concepts.

As far as my experience goes, these if followed properly will fetch you a decent JEE rank. All the very best to the JEE aspirants!

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