7 Advantages Of Online Coaching

Whether you go to a coaching class or not, online coaching is an essential tool. Here are 7 reasons why online coaching is not only useful, but important for every student in our generation.

1. No travelling required

Travelling from home to coaching classes to school and back home takes a lot of time. With traffic and schedules piling up, it is much easier to rely on online doubt clearing than to wait for the next time you can get your doubts cleared in school or coaching.

2. You study when you want to

Generally, if you’re studying a certain topic, you come across small doubts that seem silly to you. Although at that moment you dismiss them, when you’re learning more complex topics, these doubts are bound to come back and hurt your understanding of a topic. To get help at that time, you can always rely on online coaching to get your doubts cleared, then & there.

3. You practise a lot of problems easily

Why carry big, heavy practice question books, when you can have thousands of practice questions divided by topic for your JEE, NEET or CBSE board exams, all on your phone? And instead of turning pages to find the correct answer, one click can reveal the right answer for you, and show you your attempt history.

4. Your doubts get solved when you need help

Scheduling a doubt clearing session with your school or coaching teachers takes time and generally, may not happen because the teachers are busy or there isn’t enough time at school or coaching to get help on your problems. This is easily done with online coaching, as you can get your doubts cleared whenever you have them.

5. You get help from the best tutors, no matter where you are

The well-known coaching institutes are generally in the top metros of the country, which means that if you’re from a smaller city, you may not have access to the best ones. In such cases, if you want to connect with top tutors, you have to rely on phone calls or online communication to get answers to your question.

On the HashLearn app, you are connected to tutors/mentors from top institutes like IITs, BITS, NITs and AIIMS, and in a matter of seconds.

6. It’s easy to revisit & revise old topics

Revising old topics brings back doubts that you forgot to get cleared when you had them. When this happens, you’ve already missed the chance to ask your doubt in school or coaching, and have to wait till the topic is being revised again. Relying on this will affect your learning as it makes your basics weak, and affects you when you’re studying more complex topics.

7. You get help, even during holidays

Holidays are reserved for studying, completing assignments and revision. At this time, the only people you can rely on to get help is either your parents or your friends. They might not be in the best position to help you as they may be unsure about the topics themselves.

This is why HashLearn has tutors available on a topic-level instead of subject-level. In the case that you have a doubt in Trigonometry in Maths, you can get your doubts cleared with a Trigonometry expert instead of just any Maths tutor.

Online coaching helps you study on your own, along with the timely help from the best tutors. Get it on the HashLearn app now.

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