A Guide to Studying Chemistry

Chemistry can be an intimidating subject. The entire syllabus is roughly divided into three parts – organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Studying each section seems to be a daunting task as it never seems to end. However, chemistry is in fact a very scoring subject. Here are some tips to help you understand that chemistry is actually easier than you might think:

  1. Understand. The biggest misconception about chemistry is that it is all about memorizing facts. Yes, physical chemistry can be understood, akin to physics; but so can organic chemistry. Even the biggest equations can simply be understood by one simple observation – which bonds are breaking and which ones are being formed. Make note of this in every reaction you learn about and suddenly, you’ll realize you no longer have to memorize any of those reactions.
  2. Visualize. One of the biggest problems people have when studying chemistry is that they are unable to grasp a concept that they cannot actually ‘see’. So whenever you read about a concept or reaction in chemistry, try to imagine it taking place in your head. You can even search online for images of the process or reaction. Once you can visualize it, you can understand it better and thus remember better.
  3. Connect the dots. Notice that a lot of things you learn in chemistry are closely related to other subjects, or even to daily life phenomenon. Thermodynamics is a topic found in both physics and chemistry. Observe what overlaps and what doesn’t. Biology students can do the same with biochemistry. Also observe phenomenon as they happen in day to day events. From something as simple as boiling of water to the expansion of a balloon when filled with air. The more you think about what you have learned and apply it, the stronger your concepts will get.

See? Chemistry isn’t that difficult. If you have any difficulties, feel free to request a session on HashLearn. Our tutors can help you out any time.


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