9 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

The most important part of exam preparation is retaining the information you have learned all along. So, how do you improve your memory?


 Start with a walk 

Studies say that a short walk can boost your memory.  Some form of physical exercise can boost your memory and brain power. So, to keep your mind sharp and do well in your exams, have some form of physical routine.

 Try saying it out loud 

Unless you are in a quiet study hall that has other students poring over their text, try saying out whatever you have learned, loud and clear. This can help you a lot with retaining the information you have studied.


Have human interaction

Instead of being cooped up in your study for long hours, have breaks in between. Have a meaningful conversation with real people instead of chatting over social media. Say hi to your siblings, help them with their homework and ask your mother if she has had her lunch.

Treat yourself with every small success

For every successive level you achieve, much like how an online game works, reward yourself. It could be 20 minutes of social media time. it could be ice cream or play time with your street cricket buddies.


Try teaching what you have just been taught

The best way to assess your learning is whether you are able to teach what you have learned, to others. So, find a bunch of willing people and start teaching! If you don’t find willing students, a toy or a pet would do.


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Learn to use mnemonics

Medical students cram a LOT of information about human anatomy in their minds. And there are time-tested mnemonics that are passed down generations of medical students. And, every student makes up his or her own mnemonics too. For example, a simple mnemonic is this: the names of the lakes that consist the Great Lakes in the USA start with H.O.M.E.S. So, it’s easy to remember the word HOMES and then figure out the names. Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

Draw diagrams, charts and visualize everything

Give everything a visual form to understand things better. You will connect the dots and have the larger picture. Pun, much intended.


Revise periodically

It is quite natural to forget what you are not familiar with. So, brush up on what you have read earlier. Have a routine that ensures you bring up what you studied previously, time and again.

Stay healthy

Be physically and mentally healthy. You are not going to remember much if you are perennially hungry, cold, injured, in pain or in depression. So, eat well, sleep well and stay healthy enough to study well and remember what you study.


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