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7-tips to stay calm during an exam

“Fear is going to be a player in your life but you get to decide how much.” -Jim Carrey

We’re naturally attuned to react to fear in one of two ways: Flight or Fight. Unfortunately, the Flight response during an exam can prevent you from doing you best.

Today, our tutor Shaifali tells you 7 tips that you can follow to help soothe and calm your nerves during your exam.

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  1. Exams take you one step closer to your goal – A person taking exams as a challenge and thinking in the same manner is the one who does not fear exams. These are the ones to learn from
  2. Do not study any new topics before the exam as it not only increases anxiety but also eats into our revision time
  3. Sleep well the night before and avoid cramming a day before the exam. Give rest to your mind so that you don’t feel tired and sleepy during the exam
  4. Motivate yourself, say “I can do it” to yourself whenever necessary. Trust me, it helps!
  5. Revise the topics you studied properly beforehand as you may not get time to revise every topic on the day before the exam.
  6. In the examination hall, consider yourself alone and do not panic if you see other students taking an extra sheet or leaving the exam hall early. Everyone has their own pace!
  7. If you start panicking during the exam, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. The oxygen boost to your brain will get you to calm down.

There you go! Now you’re on your way to achieving Zen during your exams.

Chat with tutors like Shaifali on HashLearn. Download here

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