7 Stereotypes About Friends During Exams

The exam season clouds over us again! Amidst this atmosphere of hardcore revisions, late night studies and banishment from mobile phones, there are some things which never change. Speaking of which, we all have that group of classmates who we will definitely remember for a long, long time!

Here are a few stereotypes that we’re sure will make you smile.

1) The one who forgets everything
He has the ability to stick to the first page of a chapter for hours and freaks out at the end of the day. He painfully somehow completes the portions the previous day, but as soon as he tries to recollect something, he’s got nothing!
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2) The Research Scholar
Be it previous year question papers, important marks or even out-of-the-syllabus concept, this statistician searches for any pattern observed. However this person always forgets to properly study the “easy” questions and finally messes it up.
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3) The one with all the frustration
?Exam teaches this person the virtues of life and materialistic things such as degree, marks and exams don’t make any sense. The whole purpose of life appears like a motion picture and all this person wants to do is go to a galaxy far, far away.
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4) The one with the last minute preparation
Partying, movies, video games or popular TV series, this person has spent his the entire year with everything except studying! They spend weeks reassuring themselves and others that they work better when the pressure is on. So when the strange figures and absurd symbols confuse them during their study hour, frustration takes over and the whole world seems to be falling apart.
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5) The Dark Knight
It is a known fact that studying in the early hours of the day has it’s own advantages. However, to this person, the day starts with noon and ends..well with early morning. If you happen to ask any doubts or questions to this person, you would receive their replies at times like 3.01 am or 2.48 am.

6) The Cracker
No amount of preparation or number of times of revision is enough for this person. As and when things seems to be quiet, this person out of the blue freaks out and calls every single contact in their phone-book.
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7) The Provider
This person feels an urge, a duty even, to share as many videos, photos and jokes, so that everyone else is lulled into the endless sea of YouTube videos and Facebook posts. This person loves videos of a “dog chasing a horse”  or watches the whole season of The Flash.??
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So, which one are you?

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