Chemistry Puns That Will Make You Giggle


Love or hate Chemistry, we all know our fair share of it. The best part about Chemistry puns – you don’t have to be a chemist to get them!

We’ve also included an explanation to every pun, just in case you need the help. Captain Chem to the rescue! Get ready to say Helium twice! (Get it? HeHe. Sorry, bad pun.)

a. “Anyone know any jokes about sodium?” ”

Captain Chem explains: The atomic symbol for Sodium is Na.

b. Two chemists go to a restaurant.

Chemist 1: “I’ll have an H20.”

Chemist 2: “I’ll have an H20 too.”

The second chemist dies.

Captain Chem explains: H20 is the formula for water. H202 is the formula of hydrogen peroxide/dioxide and can be dangerous if ingested in concentrated form.

c. A classified ad read, “Do you have mole problems? If so, call Avogadro at 602-1023.”

Captain Chem explains: A mole in chemistry can be used to express the number of atoms, ions, or other elementary entities in a given sample of any substance. The number of molecules in a mole is known as Avogadro’s constant, and has the value 6.022 x 10^23.

d. Two sodium atoms were walking along the street when one stops and says, “Oh my goodness, I think I’ve lost an electron!”
“Are you sure?” asks his companion.
“Yes,” replies the first sodium atom. “I’m positive.”

Captain Chem explains: If a neutral compound loses a negative charge (in this case, an electron), it is left with a positive charge. Quite simply, 0-(-1) = +1.

e. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

Captain Chem explains: Precipitation is the creation of a solid from a solution, when a chemical reaction occurs. An analysis of the solution & precipitate combined indicates the presence of certain elements.

Therefore, if an element is not in the solution, it must be in the precipitate.

f. “What element is a girl’s future best friend?”

Captain Chem explains: The element Carbon, when subject to high temperature and pressure, gives us what we call a diamond. Naturally occurring diamonds can take from 1 to 3 billion years to form!

g. Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything!

Captain Chem explains: Atoms DO make up everything. The word “atom” was first coined by ancient Greek philosophers, which means the idea of the smallest unit of matter existed from those times.

However, the atom was found to have a constituent nucleus & electrons by the physicist Ernest Rutherford, and this discovery lead to the definition of the Bohr’s model by the physicist, Niels Bohr.

The importance of chemistry in the world is heavily understated. We hope that we have reignited the spark of chemistry in your mind, and as always, all the best for exams!

Sources: For more puns, look here & here.

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